Private equity real estate is a term used in investment finance to refer to a specific subset of the real estate investment asset class. Private equity real estate refers to one of the four quadrants of the real estate capital markets, which include private equity, private debt, public equity and public debt


No office was included that did not have at least an email or phone number.
Colums Number Percentage
Firms w/ AUM Present: 333 72.87%
Firms w/ Website Available: 912 199.56%
Firms w Investment Preferences Present: 457 100.00%
Contacts w/ Email Address: 457 100.00%
Contacts w/Phone Number: 457 100.00%
Contacts w/ LinkedIn Profile 457 100.00%
Total Number of Contacts: 457 100.00%
Total Number of Email Addresses: 916 200.44%
Total Number of Firms: 457 100%
Cells: 7,921 100%

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