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The Family Office Club is the leading provider of family office data and also the #1 largest family office networking association in the industry with 84,000+ total members.  Our team works directly with several ultra-wealthy families, we host live family office workshops, offer a bestselling family office book, provide a free annual industry report, free blog, and constantly update our directory of family office contact details.

ExcelFamily Office Directory:  We provide the contact details of family office wealth management firms within our Excel-based database.  Our team of experienced family office and capital raising professionals offers the most accurate and constantly updated database of family offices in the industry.  We are now offering Version 10 of the Investor Database.  Learn more by clicking here.

As an alternative investment fundraising professional, I’ve looked at many family office contact databases that were not much more than data dumps captured from a website or another source. The Investor Database is the first product that I’ve seen that is truly researched, detailed and quite accurate. It is clear that the team has spent many hours identifying and verifying family office contact information for this product. I recommend it”.

– Jim Rowe Rowe Capital Partners, LLC, Member FINRA, SIPC

4X Risk Free Database Quality Guarantee: We guarantee that our data is accurate, and we are the only database provider to offer a 4x per-listing refund for any contact you find in our database that is not accurate or in fact a family office. For example, if 10% of the database is off or outdated, you receive 40% of your money back. This takes the risk of bad data off of you and puts it back on our team, where it should be. Our full terms of purchase are here.

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Family Office Industry Leaders: Many family office data providers don’t show executive bios on their website because they do not work in the family office industry, do not run an association like we do, and nobody in the world offers anything close to our 4X data quality guarantee.  We speak with family offices daily, help them allocate capital, and our team operates a family office.  Our founder Richard C. Wilson wrote the bestselling book in the industry, and he is one of the most well known family office professionals globally.